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The News That is Not The News

Welcome to Vancouver Production Pulse. This will be a bi-weekly magazine featuring interesting articles relevant to the Vancouver, British Columbia film production business. With each new edition of Vancouver Production Pulse, we will present one story in each of three sections: The News, The Crew, The Stories. Three articles designed to inform and entertain you.

Our Editor, Mitchell Kosterman, has worked in the film business since 1986 and is currently a business consultant to companies wanting to do business with the Vancouver film industry. Mitch also has financial interests in a small number of companies operating in the industry, primarily in Vancouver. Given his experience and depth of contacts, we are sure we can entertain you with the almost limitless supply of fuel for articles. Check us out here every second Monday starting May 6th, 2019.

The first section, “The News”, will appear in this slot and focus on the current state of the Vancouver film production business; a few observations we think will matter to you. These articles may include a listing of what is shooting of significance, some vital stats reflecting the health of the industry, interviews with stake holders, or something else we think you need to know. These observations are from the inside of the film production business in Vancouver, right now.

All three categories of article will be more about interesting things known to a small group than any comprehensive roundup of what’s happening. The focus will be unabashedly on entertainment. As the saying goes in the film business, you can be good or bad but one thing you cannot be is boring. We will always try to bring you information and/or insights that are not boring. Some will be funny, some will be tragic, all will be verifiable non-fiction designed to capture your interest. Items you can talk about around the water cooler.

None of the articles in any section will ever have the intention of disparaging any person or organization, as we are part of the film community and respect our friends. Read about the next two article categories by clicking on those sections, “The Crew” and “The Stories”. – Ed

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