Sunbelt Buys William F White?

Rumour has it... We have all heard rumblings for some time that Paul Bronfman had ubiquitous Canadian lighting and grip rental company William F White up for sale.  Now the rumour is, WfW has been bought by equipment rental company Sunbelt Rentals.  Sunbelt is a principal subsidiary of Ashtead Group, a UK owned company.  Like all such matters, the deal…

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Fluffy Tales Episode 3

Racing School and Bodyguard School In the early 90s, Clif focused on acting and a few other jobs. Because Clif is Clif, he also tried some wilder, even crazy, things. For example, he participated in a number of different kinds of auto and motorcycle racing, gaining several track licenses. The extreme driving skills he developed, just like his sports record,…

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On The Set With Vancouver’s World-Class Underwater Film Crew

The Underwater Crew On Sirens “Just breathe in nice and slow like we practised. Nice and slow. Exhale even slower, through pursed lips, twice as long as your breath in”. Free diving Instructor and safety diver Roberta Cenedese’s voice is calm and reassuring. “Are you ready?” Stunt performer Lisa Chandler gives a nod. They are both standing on a scaffolding…

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Supernatural 2004 – 2019

Thousands of photographs, autographs and laughs. Decade and a half. Thousands of photographs, autographs and laughs. Decade and a half. #spnfamily #jensenackles #jaredpadalecki #supernatural #mishacollins #marksheppard #erickripke #robbenedict #jimbeaver #jeffreydeanmorgan #kimrhodes #genevievepadalecki #daneelackles #clifkosterman #bodyguard #cw

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The Power Arrangers

UPDATE SEPT 10, 2019 Sim VP Jeff Ramsey says he read our article "Power Arrangers" and had to bite his tongue because, obviously, Sim has had these power packs in development for a long time. They are significantly more sophisticated and powerful than anything we have seen of this kind before. There are two units in Vancouver at this time…

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Simulator Training for Condors

We are going to bring you a more in-depth article on some of the changes happening in film with regard to equipment and speculate on the future of some technologies, primarily related to the Electrics Department aka Lighting. In the meantime, this is something you may be interested in, especially if you have anything to do with aerial platforms. Aerial…

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Bear! Where?! There!

We used to, as boys and each in turn while we were walking through the woods with our rifles in our hands, ask our dad what we should do if we see a bear. He explained to us the first thing you want to know is whether it is a mother and cubs and if it is, make sure you're…

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Fluffy Tales Episode 2

Highschool to Bodyguard School After High School, Clif went to work in the family business. The family business was retail Sporting Goods. Although pretty much disappeared these days, during the last century, there were many small retail stores focusing on sports equipment and supplies. If these mom 'n pops were in a small town in a rural area, they would…

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Fluffy Tales Episode 1

Clif Kosterman Before Supernatural Clif Kosterman has been the bodyguard for Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles for the past 14 years. Obviously a lot has happened in that time and we have many stories to tell. It has been exciting but Clif was a bodyguard long before J and J got out of highschool and he had some interesting clients,…

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