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The Best Film List – Canada and USA

Introducing North America’s most concise and comprehensive list of currently ongoing film productions. Every day, professionals across North America refer to film lists in order to do business, get a job or do research. Each of those available, until now, has been woefully inadequate for most purposes. The YVR Pulse Production List, published weekly for a $19 per month subscription, is different.

Most film lists – and there are dozens of them out there – are limited to a single geographic region such as, LA, Vancouver, New York, etc, and they often don’t even cover THOSE areas in any comprehensive way. These lists are also full of information that is of no use to most professionals. They make valuable information more difficult to find and they take up a lot of pages!

The Pulse Production List covers all major film centers in North America and then some. In addition, it lists only: type of production, name of the production, the city it is shooting in, the shoot dates, where it will broadcast and some contact info. We list only shows that are shooting or in actual prep. We do not pad the list with “In Development” or “Active Development” listings or things that are just wishful thinking. We list only actual live, green lit, productions with a schedule that are either shooting or in set construction phase.

Email us at and ask for a free copy. We will send it right away and you can see for yourself the difference and decide if our list is for you. If you like it, subscribe here and we will send you a fresh one every Monday morning at 0700 EST.

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