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Simulator Training for Condors

We are going to bring you a more in-depth article on some of the changes happening in film with regard to equipment and speculate on the future of some technologies, primarily related to the Electrics Department aka Lighting.

In the meantime, this is something you may be interested in, especially if you have anything to do with aerial platforms. Aerial platform manufacturer JLG, who make some of filmdom’s favorite Lifts, Condors, Booms, whatever you prefer to call them, has manufactured a virtual reality simulator and it is appearing in various rental locations. They are calling it, “AccessReady XR”. Many other equipment companies have training simulators, ranging from an app on your phone to a module resembling a Virtual Reality space pod at an arcade. JLG has an app but now it has a neat and tidy package and some impressive software.

JLG’s website says, “Now available to customers nationwide(USA) AccessReady XR is a cost-effective VR training simulator that includes multiple training options, from multi-user scenarios to an instructor-led mode. Practice your skills in a virtual environment that provides real-time interaction and true-to-life job site scenarios.”

We see it solving a lot of problems, if and when they can get at least one up in Vancouver. We are going to follow up on this. We have reached out to JLG for more info and will pass it on to you as soon a we get it. Here is a picture of what it looks like:

The package includes:

  • 4-ft 800S platform with controls and footswitch
  • HTC VIVE VR headset with headphones and Leap Motion camera
  • VR-ready PC that comes pre-loaded with our AccessReady XR software
  • Keyboard with touchpad and monitor
  • Portable cabinet for housing the PC, VR headset and other items
  • System setup and operating instructions

We are told the boom lift unit has already begun shipping and a scissor lift unit is in the works. Subscribe to our Vancouver Production Pulse Blog (subscribe box on the home page) and you will get updates whenever new articles drop (but NEVER any marketing material}.

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