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You’re kidding! No. No, we’re not.

Here we will bring you the interesting stories you want to hear. Some have never been told outside our immediate circle. All will involve interesting people doing interesting things. Many of whom will be famous, some will not. Many stories will be funny, some will be tragic. Each story will be true and help paint a clearer, more colorful picture of the Vancouver Film Production business for you.

These anecdotes were collected by Clif Kosterman, Mitch Kosterman and people they know; the people they worked for, the people they worked with. Each will be either experiences of their own they are sharing or stories we heard directly from someone who witnessed it first hand; no gossip nor secondhand stories. And when we get something wrong, send us a message and we will make it right. Visit here twice a month and we will do our best not disappoint you. We do not think we will. You can sign up if you want an email notification when the new edition is posted.

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